About Us

At Whariti Meats, we are committed to animal welfare, food safety & hygiene and customer satisfaction.

We are always looking at every link in the chain, looking for ways to improve any aspect of our operation: keeping up with the latest technology, making available to our clients the latest information on food safety at home, improved stress-free methods of slaughtering etc.

As our business is growing so rapidly we are presently building an extra 7 metres onto the rear of our butchery, replacing our ceiling & relining the walls. A new rail system is being installed as well as a dry store room at the rear of the building will also open up our processing room.

To go with all this we are installing a high quality foaming and sanitizing system for thorough and effective cleaning & hygiene.

We would welcome any inspection by our animal owner clients if they wish.

First Choice Smallgoods
First Choice Bacon, Ham & Smallgoods is another aspect of Whariti Meats.

First Choice Bacon, Ham & Smallgoods is our own registered trademark for our products. We registered First Choice Bacon, Ham & Smallgoods in 1993 Knowing full well that we were producing a consistently top quality product, First Choice seemed the obvious name. We believe we are the REAL FIRST CHOICE for farmers/animal owners.

Foundation Member of NZRBA
The New Zealand Rural Butchers Association was formed in 1999 to represent the interests of all homekill butchers in NZ.

The NZRBA is affiliated as a Sector Group to the Federated Farmers Of New Zealand.