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On Farm Slaughtering Service

  • Stress Free - stressed meat is chewy meat
  • Electrical Stimulation - for tenderness and quality
  • Temperature Controlled Aging - for optimal tenderness
  • pH Level Control - for colour, keeping ability, texture, flavour and tenderness. On-farm "Stress Free" slaughtering will lower pH levels.
  • We prefer to leave the animal standing quietly in its own surroundings, within its own social group.


    Off Farm Slaughtering Service - (Whariti Meats Slaughtering Facility)

  • Low Stress - Low pH
  • Electrical Stimulation - for tenderness and quality
  • Prompt Service
  • Temperature Controlled Aging - for optimal tenderness
  • No mess, no offal to clean up
  • Our new Darkroom Slaughter method
  • pH Level Control - for colour, keeping ability, texture, flavour and tenderness.
    We use the latest techniques to reduce pH imbalance during off-farm slaughtering.
    Our unique "Dark Room Slaughter" method and our special aging techniques will give you the highest quality meat for your family's consumption.

    We have recently been granted a resource consent for our own Animal Owner Only slaughtering facility. This will now allow all farmers who don't want the hassle of blood and disposing of offal etc.
    You can have your stock slaughtered off-farm at our facility. Sheep and pigs will be slaughtered using the latest technology.

    Our new "Darkroom Slaughter" method.

    This is the latest technology, exclusive to Wharite Meats Homekill Service.

    After discussions with American Animal Slaughter and Welfare expert, Temple Grandin, Whariti Meats has developed a unique way of slaughtering. The Darkroom Method requires that the animals are kept in the dark with little or no outside noise, fresh water and a comfortable temperature for a set period before slaughter. This allows the animal time to recover from any shock or stress caused during transport to our facility. Once the animals are relaxed, they are led away in small groups to be quickly slaughtered, reducing stress. The use of electrical stimulation and temperature controlled aging further reduces any damage to the meat, resulting in the highest quality meat.




    Modern Cuts

    We have heard it so many times. "Can you do something different with our meat?"

    YES! Whariti Meats can. We can cut up your meat using all the latest modern cuts available.
    We will process your beef to your specified requirements. Beef can also be cut up using modern techniques, producing a very lean product for the health conscious amongst us. We can free-flow pack your beef in shatter pack boxes (No freezer burn) & freeze it for you as an added value service, this gives you no waste packaging, also giving you the ability to thaw the exact amount required for a meal.
    Have your lamb, hogget and pork meat returned to you in "No Waste" usable pieces - boned and rolled, fat trimmed - for healthy eating. You will never go back to the old way of cutting up.


    Modern Mutton Cuts
    Modern Mutton Cuts



    Pickled Pork

    Whariti Meats has developed a succulent mild cure, traditionally flavoured to give you a very moist, easy to eat product.

    Mutton Hams

    Another mild, traditionally flavoured cure, with a light smoke, so as not to kill the flavour.

    Bacon & Ham Curing

    The combination of curing ingredients & spices in the correct amounts will not always give you a consistent quality product if it is not injected evenly throughout the meat. The old poke and hope method of the single needled injector does not provide a consistantly top grade product.

    Smoked Poultry (This is a specialty)

    You may bring in your own dressed poultry for us to cure, smoke and cook for you or you can purchase already cured & cooked chooks from the Whariti Meats retail chiller. Do not confuse our smoked chooks with the SMOKED SPARROWS that you get in some larger stores.

    Corn Beef

    Our Corn Beef cure stands out from the rest it produces a distinctively rich old fashioned flavour. The use of the multi needle injector to cure beef gives you consistency in colour, texture, taste & produces a lovely moist piece of meat when cooked. (Nobody likes dry stringy Corn Beef).

    Whariti Meats has invested in the latest equipment to ensure that your bacon & hams are of the highest quality. We use a Multi Needle injector you get consistency & quality in your cured products.

    Whariti Meats has specially formulated recipes to produce an aromatic succulent product bursting the distinctive down home Bacon & Ham flavour.

    We do not paint on chemical dyes to give you a smoke flavour. We use a traditional smoking method.

    Our range of Bacon & Ham cures are:

  • Low Salt Traditional
  • Maple & Honey
  • Ginger & Maple
  • Ginger & Garlic (unsmoked)
  • Traditional (unsmoked)

    We also offer a vacuum packing service for your convenience.




    "FIRST CHOICE" Bacon, Ham & Smallgoods (est 1993)

    "The Real First Choice," Whariti Meats takes great pride in introducing our own brand of award winning smallgoods to the New Zealand Farmer/Animal Owner.

    We have gained widespread recognition for providing smallgoods of unsurpassed unique quality & taste. They have been specially blended using traditional recipes with the finest ingredients & casings.

    Our record speaks for itself. From very limited exposure Whariti Meats "First Choice" has produced some very good results in the NZ Sausage Competition:

    1999 NZ Sausage Championships : 4th (highly Commended) Beef Sausage, 5th Place Pork Sausage, 5th Exotic Sausage and 5th Precooked BBQ.

    1998 NZ Sausage Championships : 3rd (Bronze Plaque) Saveloy Category and 4th (highly commended) Pork Sausage.

    1997 NZ Sausage Championships : 4th (highly commended) Saveloy Category.

    SAUSAGES: Beef , Mutton , Pork ,Game & Exotic Flavours on Request. Our Sausages are NOT full of Soy Protein, TVP, Fat & Water.

    SAVELOYS: Grandma's Secret Recipe

    MEAT PATTIES: 100% Fresh Lean Meat & "FIRST CHOICE" Special Seasoning.